Partnership at your fingertips

Partnership at your fingertips

I am a native of China and have been living in France for over forty years. I graduated from the National Institute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations, Paris-Sorbonne University with a Master degree in Chinese studies and a Bachelor degree in Foreign Applied Languages. My past experience in Asia with companies dealing in branded beauty care and fashion products, combined with current activities in translation and teaching commercial Chinese to students in international trade and relations has tuned me in to what is going on today’s economic world.

Today China has become one of the world’s largest economic powers, with more and more business transactions taking place in China or with Chinese partners around the world. Therefore, business professionals need to give priority to building a strong foundation for relationships, without which business cooperation will be difficult, even impossible.

Having a good understanding of both Chinese and European cultures, I can help you avoid common problems related to cultural sensitivities. I can guide you through the linguistic and cultural hurdles and help you send the right signals to your clients. My goal is to help you expand your business with your Chinese or European partners, foster your development through the integration of the two cultures, and lend a hand for building mutual trust and developing long-lasting cooperation and beneficial partnerships.

I can also provide you with Chinese, French and English translation services, so you get achieve the best results for your surveys, business negotiations and cultural exchanges, and make your business successful.

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